Mobile DJ Trade Tips - Issue 63 - Pro Mobile Conference 2014

Pro Mobile Conference 2014

Would you like to be earning more from your mobile discos? Would you like to appeal more to the higher end market? Would you like to have a fuller diary?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then consider coming along to the Pro Mobile Conference on Sunday 9th and Monday 10th March at Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire.

The team from AMPdj will be there too, along with many other AMPdj members. Last year we even had a group from Scotland take the plunge. It must have been well worth the effort as they are making a return trip this year too!

Pro Mobile Conference 2014

The conference is two solid days of new ideas, networking and gathering of information to take your own mobile disco business to new heights. An inspiring agenda has been put together using some very qualified speakers, and a couple of names that you may already be familiar with.

What to expect...

Would you like your mic work to be more inspiring or to conduct the evening in a way where everyone hangs on to your every word and spontaneous applause just happens at the right time? Randy Bartlett will be presenting his 1% solution. His theory is very simple, but extremely effective. If you improve on what you already do by a small amount, it will have a massive impact on your evening. A successful evening leads to happier clients and more referrals.

Would you like to connect more with your clients and their guests? Sharon Knight from 'Walk Tall International' will be analysing the cliché 'people buy people'. With an interactive workshop, she will focus your thoughts on inter-personal skills, non-verbal communication such as body language and how to make a good impression on potential clients. Using these skills DJs can market themselves more effectively.

Would you like inspiration? Who better to fill this important slot than world acclaimed radio celebrity, Mark Goodier. He will take you on a journey from his roots as a mobile DJ, though his mistakes and how he used his experiences to become the global success he is today. He'll not only entertain with his finest moments, but also reveal the disasters and embarrassing situations too, thus proving everyone has them!

Ready for an early start? David Reed will be hosting a networking breakfast addressing how you can implement these new ideas and make changes to your business.

Have you ever wondered why you can't get a crowd into the party spirit? Is there anything else you could do? Randy Bartlett returns for his second seminar. He's going to turn everything on its head and take an in-depth look at the many 'habits' DJs may have adopted over the years and provide inspiration to break the mould and dare to be different.

Have you ever wondered how some people can mingle and create conversations around a room quite naturally? Rob Brown will be offering advice on how to network effectively, demonstrating working a room and moving in and out of conversations effortlessly. His session will also give you inspiration on how you present yourself and deliver an elevator pitch (that small speech you do when someone shows interest in your disco business).

Would you like to do more weddings? Would you like to earn more for each wedding too? Howard Wing, a highly acclaimed and successful wedding entertainer has done just that. During this session he will inspire you and offer ideas for marketing to brides that will make you stand out from the crowd. He will delve deep into the psyche of brides and look at how you can become the one she remembers out of the many suppliers she will encounter during the course of her planning.

Do you want to know what new technology is on the horizon for mobile DJs? This interactive and informal panel session will be an opportunity to pose questions and hear from the experts about the latest technology.

When you're trying to sell your services, do you wish you'd been more eloquent? Do you see less experienced DJs secure the booking instead of yourself? Tom Salinsky will be your inspiration for improving communication skills and how to present yourself, whether it's to a prospective client or a venue looking to recommend you. He will encourage you to be more engaging when speaking to clients and how to ensure the client doesn't want to go elsewhere.

If that agenda isn't exciting enough, the two days will incorporate ample opportunity to network and gather ideas and inspiration from other likeminded DJs plus an evening gala dinner with special guest star Mark Goodier. During both days, there will be several breakout rooms occupied by some of the leading manufacturers and distributors in our industry such as Denon DJ, ADJ, RCF, RSDmusic, FBT and Pioneer DJ.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all mobile DJs to take their business to the next level. To find out more and book your place, visit .

Come and join us and be inspired!

Sandy & Paul

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