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Mobile DJ info - Newsletter 30 - May 2011 - AMPdj Spring Competition
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AMPdj Spring Competition


In February this year, two of the AMPdj team visited Las Vegas for the highly acclaimed Mobile Beat DJ Conference. During the three days, we were treated to some inspiring seminars and talks about how to improve, develop and expand a DJ business.

Three of the speakers who inspired us most also gave us some goodies to give away to our readers. Four lucky winners will have the opportunity to win either a book or DVD set. As the prizes are so very different, four readers who return the correct answer to the competition question will be picked, and have the opportunity to choose their prize.

Customer Service A to Z by Larry Williams - signed by Larry Williams
(retails at $14.95)

customer service a-z

Larry is both a DJ and highly acclaimed author of business books and articles. Although 'Customer Service A to Z' is aimed at anyone who works directly with customers/clients it is very relevant to the DJ industry.

This is an easy to read and digest book with the essence of 'Sales is what every business wants - customer service is what makes it possible!'. Being arranged in short chapters, it lends itself to being used as a reference book too. Many of the suggestions are common sense, but there are many more customer service strategies that evoke a 'I hadn't thought of that' response.

There were a number of chapters that referred to relationships with employers. While reading, I could easily relate these scenarios to dealing with managers and function managers of venues and hotels.

Our interpersonal skills and the way we communicate with clients is paramount to the success of our disco business. There are numerous helpful hints and strategies in this book to help you finely tune your interaction such as 'Customers will be draw to you when you greet them with a smile. This validates that you really want to help them ...'

This is a truly inspiring, 'must have' manual for anyone that deals personally with people/clients/customers on a regular basis. For more information about the author, Larry Williams and his other book titles, visit

Wedlock presents Bridal Traffic 3x DVD set

wed lock

This 3 disc DVD is packed full of advice on SEO (Search engine optimisation). Most DJs have a website as their main form of marketing. Without effective SEO your site might struggle to get any higher than page three or four on search engines. This is equivalent to owning a shop in the middle of a field. To get your 'shop' on the high street where it will be noticed and drive traffic through your front door, SEO is essential.

The set is 5 hours of 'must have' information aimed primarily at the wedding market and gaining more clients. Each of the 11 chapters is packed full of useful tools and methods of improvement. The motto used throughout is 'Learn, Rank, Book more Brides'.

It takes you on an in-depth journey through both on page SEO (making alterations to your site to make it search engine friendly) and off page SEO ( things anyone can do on the internet to make their website rank higher). Screen shots and diagrams are used extensively along with clear, easy to follow dialogue by the two presenters, Chris Watson and Jason Hennessey.

I've read many books and watched various DVDs on this subject, but this must be the first one that is suitable to both the clueless and the clued up. Having put into practice some of their advice, this really is worth watching if you want to succeed in getting to the top of search engines and driving more traffic to your website.

Wedlock is a company that specialises in marketing for wedding suppliers. More information about them, and their bi-monthly magazine can be found at

DJ Crash Course (Volume 1 & 2) x2 copies - signed by Josh Yawn & 'That Guy'
(retails at $40 each or $70 for both)

dj crash course
We are very lucky to have two sets of this valuable resource to give away. DJ Crash course is primarily aimed at those DJs who are just starting out in the industry, but saying that, it's still worthwhile viewing for the more experienced DJs too.

The videos are presented in a light hearted and entertaining manner and feature 'That Guy', which translates to the UK as '60 Quid Sid'. 'That Guy' is the person you aspire not to be! Each chapter features a different element of DJing, summarising with a look at 'That Guy' demonstrating how not to do it.

Although the American and UK disco markets are often considered to be very different, there are also numerous similarities. Apart from a very small section of one chapter which referred to weddings (our wedding receptions tend to be arranged rather differently to those in America) the rest was very relevant and could easily be applied to the UK market.

The presenter and inspiration behind 'DJ Crash Course', Josh Yawn has a very watchable and highly polished style of delivery that makes this DVD set a valuable resource for all DJs. To find out more, visit

Competition Question: This competition is now closed

Competition entries must arrive by 1pm on Monday 31st May 2011. Full rules are at
The 4 winners will be notified immediately. Choice of prize will we be on a first come basis. An announcement will also be made in the June edition of the Infomail.


AMPdj News

Mobile DJ on YouTube

The 5th in the series of  "The Trials & Tribulations of a Mobile DJ" - a light hearted look at the mobile DJ in the 21st century is now released.

This time DJ Hank is in the office and takes a number of strange phone calls...

You can watch it on the MobileDJUK channel. and follow him on Facebook


DJ AMP Meetups

West of Scotland DJs ...

Next meeting is on Wednesday 15th June 2011 at:

Newarthill Club
High St

from 8.00pm (doors open 7.30pm).

ProDJUK - Seminar Day

The ProDJUK seminar day was held on 8th May and was hailed a great success by all who attended and those who helped to organise this groundbreaking event.

Some DJs had travelled hundreds of miles to be there and attend some thought provoking seminars - all designed to help them increase their value to clients and ultimately charge what they are truely worth.

The day is best summed up in Ed's blog at ProMobile


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AMPdj Benefits ...

  • Extra Client Enquiries
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  • £10 Million DJ PLI
    + Product Liability
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    + PLI Certificate
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    + Cover available immediately
    + Underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance
    Exclusive for Mobile DJs
  • Additional Benefits
    + Latest! Free Web Hosting on Linux server - 2Gb space
    + Discounted Equipment Insurance
    + Discounts for other DJ related services/products
    + Use of AMPdj® logo on promotional material
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    + Risk Assessment & Booking Forms
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  • This Complete Package
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 *Period from 21st Aug 2009
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Mobile DJ News

Introducing another great online resource for mobile DJs. They offer a wealth of articles taking a look at today’s DJ issues from different perspectives. It is quickly growing into a leading DJ news site, definitely worth bookmarking. And if you are interested in contributing to the blog or sharing a story with Mobile DJ News, they invite you to email them at



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Thought for May

"If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it"

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