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Win a ShowVision LED Curtain Deck Skirt


 .... in time for Christmas - free to enter draw

Christmas has arrived..... well it has for me as I had the opportunity to test run the amazing LED Vision Curtain Deck Skirt from Mad Effects. See it live at:

LED Vision Curtain Deck Skirt  LED Vision Curtain Deck Skirt  LED Vision Curtain Deck Skirt
There are numerous ways to tidy up the frontage of your rig. We've had the light boxes followed by the even heavier LED light screens. Great for hiding a spagetti of cables and other misdemeanors but awkward to store, transport and lug into a venue. Then, eureka, the fold away star cloth arrived with a choice of pea lights, white LEDs or fibre optic.

We now go a step further with the arrival of the showstopping LED Deck Skirt. Like its predecessor, the star cloth, it's lightweight and folds up, but now comes with RGB LEDS which gives rise to a multitude of patterns and effects.

Taking it out of the box for the first time, bearing in mind it's been wrapped up tightly, there are no distinctive creases. It is made from a soft black velour material and measures 2.1m by 1m, ideal dimensions for many DJ deck stands or tables and is also available in larger sizes suitable for back drops. It comes with reusable cable ties, although the top part already has good sized strong velcro tabs for quick assembly. Connecting the control box (included in the package) is a 1 minute job. Mission accomplished...time to play!

Any new controller usually takes time to learn, but this one is so easy to get your head round that I didn't even open the instruction manual. Within minutes I'd changed it to sound to light, located the 7 channel DMX function and played with the 30 preset patterns. The 66 RGB LEDs are very bright and vibrant, even in daylight (with the sun streaming in the office window).

The preset patterns are creative and interesting, making full use of the 7 colours. On automatic and sound to light, the patterns rotate through all 30 presets producing the 'wow' effect and certainly getting you noticed.

For DMXing, I use Freestyler. Using the channel guidelines in the instruction book, writing a new fixture file for the deckskirt took only 5 minutes. From turning my laptop on to controlling this effect successfully took a maximum of 15 minutes and that's a record in my book. To be perfectly honest, the sound to light function and the preset patterns are so effective, there are few advantages to DMXing, but the facility is there if needed.

More details of the Deck Skirt and other lighting effects (including varying sizes of LED Curtains) can be found at or The RRP is £329, but a special offer is available at the moment for the fantastic price of £279.

The Deck Skirt is a very innovative and eye catching addition to any disco rig. For your chance to win this amazing bit of kit in time for Christmas and New Years Eve, just answer this simple question:

This competition is now closed!

Competition entries must arrive by 1pm on Monday 13th December 2010 (lucky for someone!). Full rules are at
The winner will be notified immediately and the Deckskirt despatched to arrive in time for Christmas. An announcement will also be made in the January edition of the Infomail.
This competition is now closed

And finally...... a light hearted look at ten song tracks for various situations....(no, we haven't opened our crackers early!)

10. Sheep Farmer - I'll Never Find Another Ewe - Seekers
9. Fishmonger - Whale Meat Again - Vera Lynn
8. Road builder - Tar-mac the Knife - Bobby Darin
7. Model stumbles on catwalk - You Picked a Fine Time to Leave me Loose Heel - Kenny Rogers
6. Man getting undressed - The Vest is Yet to Come - Michael Buble
5. Female Boxer - Poke Her Face - Lady Gaga
4. Chef - Give Me Just a Little More Thyme - Chairman of the Board
3. Man leaving dentist - I Gotta Filling - Black Eyed Peas
2. Bird with flatulance - Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler
1. Hairdresser - Curls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

A huge thank you to our ever increasing readership. We hope you enjoy our mobiledj Infomails and also pick up a few good ideas along the way. 'Til next year .......

A Very Happy Christmas and a Joyous New Year to You All.
Paul and Sandy

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